2015年9月24日,艺术家程然个展《 橙蓝—进程中的电影》在元空间开幕。



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《奇迹寻踪》根据三个真实的故事改编而成。故事分别讲述1900年英国探险家乔治·马洛里攀登珠穆朗玛峰;上世纪70年代荷兰艺术家Bas Jan Ader试图用一艘小船横渡大西洋;以及2010年,33个船员搭乘山东“鲁荣渔2682”号渔船去远洋捕鱼期间的狂乱和迷失。


此9小时电影项目的实现得益于K11 Art Foundation、Erlenmeyer Foundation及麦勒画廊Galerie Urs Meile、北京-卢森的大力支持。


On September 24th, 2015 the YUAN Space will be opening a new exhibition entitled “Orange Blue – In the Process of a Film”. The exhibition follows Cheng Ran’s process of creating a nine-hour film entitled “In Course of the Miraculous”.

This exhibition is focused on the process of creating the film, not on the nine-hour film. From the very beginning of the process, the artist Cheng Ran began collecting props from and documenting each step of the film production. Ultimately, he discovered that creating a film is a process of sorting, destruction, rebuilding, and exploration.

8 films, depicting the behind the scenes experience of the cast and crew will be displayed on 8 screens. From one actor caught sleepwalking to scenes of traveling in the Chinese countryside, these 8 films truthfully depict the making of the film, but do not overlap with the content of the film itself. The artist wants to show that both the behind the scene shots and the actual film material are both equally important.

These seemingly pointless props are in reality, a record of a moment in time.

To quote the curator of the show, Ms. Shi Li-Sanderson, “The importance of collecting and doing research lies in our ability to explore different eras and to look back on them with a critical, retrospective eye. These kind of records seem to be frozen in a moment, however, contain unbounded potential. This exhibition is focused on investigating this potential.”

The film, “In Course of the Miraculous” is adapted from 3 real life stories. The first part follows the story of the early 1900s British explorer George Marlow’s attempt to climb Mt. Everest. The second part follows the story of the 1970’s Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader’s attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean by boat. Lastly, the film depicts 33 sailors who, in 2010, traveled from Shandong province on the fishing boat named Lu Rong 2682 to the distant seas to catch fish. During this journey the crew went mad and the ship got lost at sea.

Cheng Ran said of the film in an interview, “These stories are all very suspenseful, they are not necessarily easy to watch.”

The 9 hour film is sponsored by the K11 Art Foundations, the Erlenmeyer Foundation, Beijing Lu Sen, and the Galerie Urs Meile.

Special thanks to YUNTOO, BON, Rosewood Beijing, XianLife, JuiceUp for sponsor the exhibition.